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On the Rainy River

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Elroy Bode: Rivertrip, by Rita Deanin Abbey, introduction by Frank Waters: Critical Essays on Native American Literature, edited by Andrew Wiget. Elroy Bode's Texas Sketchbook: a Sheaf of Prose Poems Illustrated by Jose Cisneros Hardcover, El Paso, Texas: Texas Western Press, First Edition; First Printing.


El Paso Days by Elroy Bode (2014, Paperback)

Andrews and Archer County, TX Land Titles Taking stock: an introduction / Clay Reynolds -- Speaking plain: the essays and the general criticism / James Ward Lee -- Larry McMurtry and the persistent frontier / Tim Summerlin -- Journeying as a metaphor for cultural loss in the novels of Larry McMurtry / Janis P.

Stout -- The. On the Rainy River. Tim O’Brien, the author of The Things They Carried, is still undecided of whether to doge the draft and lose the respect of his family and friends, or go to the Vietnam War and lose his life, in the chapter “On The Rainy River”.

Elroy bode essays
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