Ideas to write a dramatic monologue

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What Are Some Dramatic Monologue Ideas?

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Fine no human being has the right to teach final moral judgment on another. No part series perfunctory or quotation. Jan 05,  · My teacher is making me write and perform a dramatic monologue. Do you have any ideas about what I can write it on. The character must be a girl and preferably around Status: Resolved.

Great for me that I found your Blog I just started with my own Blog, can I reference to this post? I want to write something on similiar topic! Sep 05,  · A monologue that starts in one place and ends up somewhere entirely different will make the tension more dramatic, the characters more compelling, and your script much better.

A good monologue should be alternatively funny, harrowing, and touching, pointing on no one emotion or no one state by itself%(86).

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Browse more than 40, poems by contemporary and classic poets. Think up the type of character you want. You don't necessarily need to know much about them at this stage.

You could do this by standing in front of a mirror holding a position of your made up character or even talking gibberish and testing out different facial expressions, voice, and movement. FASD Awareness Day. Return to More Ideas for Events.

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