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What They Fought For

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The Life of a Sherman Tanker: The Crew the Tank, and How They Lived With it, Babied it, Loved and Hated it.

This section is about the crews of and their life in the Sherman video-accident.com will cover the responsibilities of each crew member. They Fought Like Demons: Women Soldiers in the Civil War [De Anne Blanton, Lauren M.

Cook] on video-accident.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Albert Cashier” served three years in the Union Army and passed successfully as a man until when the aging veteran was revealed to be a woman named Jennie Hodgers.

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Frances Clayton kept fighting even after her husband was gunned down in. What They Fought for by James M. McPherson In Battle Cry Of Freedom, James M.

McPherson presented a fascinating, concise general history of the defining American conflict. With What They Fought For, he focuses his considerable talents on what motivated the individual soldier to fight.

“They Fought at Anzio is a fine work of history by a very fine historian. John S. D. Eisenhower can tell a good story, and he has told this one with a sharp eye for character and the telling detail.”—/5(5). What They Fought For - This book was a good analysis of Civil War soldiers' diaries, and letters to their loved ones.

Which explains what they were going through in their lives and what they fought for and risked their lives for in this conflict.4/4(1).

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